27 April 2018

The latest offerings feature “rest of the world”. These are countries you may not associate with me.
However I have been finding material from a greater variety of countries recently so it seemed a good
idea to show you. I am aware I could show many more stamps and other items from my “usual”
countries and this will happen shortly.

French Southern + Antarctic Territories

You will find a selection of items from stock on this site. These attractive stamps are not easy to find
which explains the high prices of many issues. The price is also elevated due to the thematic nature of
many stamps. The Antarctic holds an interest in itself.
Nepal + Viet Nam
I have small selections of these two countries and here you will find a representation. As with all these
areas, a full listing of my stock is visible on www.robstine-stamps.com


A year ago, I was offered a substantial accumulation of items from North Africa: Morocco, Algeria and
Tunisia. Each of these was fairly comprehensive in the French period and the latter two were strong
after independence too.

Indian States.

One of my recent purchases was a range of fine used Convention States stamps from the KG6 period.
The selection you can now see on www.robstineextra.com comes from this source. I still have more
items to sort out from the States and all I need is the time to do the work. A familiar story!


Four years ago I was offered a fantastic stock of Hungary with extensive duplication. That forms the
basis of my stock, although I have added bits here and there. Today I have uploaded nearly 50 items
from Hungary: some fine used stamps from stock, some mini sheets from a big range in my books and
various mint stamps from the post World War One period.
For some years we had a good contact in Budapest who supplied me almost on a weekly basis. It was a
shame when he felt he was no longer able to supply me. Apparently he could no longer accept cards as
payment and of course the Hungarian currency was not valid on the international market. Things are
probably different now, especially with the Euro.
We had enjoyed a long weekend in Budapest. One the first day we visited the philatelic museum and a
nice lady there gave me a list of stamp dealers. That is how I found my contact but I wonder how many
of those dealers still sell stamps twenty years on!


I have put together a mixture of items from Lebanon, mainly from a dealer’s stock I bought some
months ago. There is a full list of fine used items in my Middle East section of www.robstine-
stamps.com and some values are shown here. Additionally you will see some mint stamps. I have a
good range of stamps of the countries along the southern and eastern shores of the Med. Just missing
Libya (although you will find stamps from the Italian era in my Italian Colonies listing).

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