Austria, 150 Year Old Stamps

Austria. In 1867 Emperor Francis Joseph authorised the Dual Monarchy to be established with Austria and Hungary. Later that year, a new stamp design was issued (SG AH50-57). These stamps are known as the “coarse printing” which was replaced from 1874 by a finer print. On these stamps, the whiskers and hair are coarser and […]

Luxembourg, 150 Year Old Stamps

Luxembourg. Stamps were first issued in Luxembourg in 1852 but by the late 1860s, they were using a Coat of Arms design with roulettes in colour. Their first stamps with perforations appeared in 1874.

Denmark, 150 Year Old Stamps

Denmark. The Danes began to use the Crown and crossed swords design in 1864 and it continued until 1870 when the Bicoloured stamps made their appearance. The 8sk value was actually issued in 1868. This seems to me to be a neglected design and deserves to be better appreciated.

Canada, 150 Year Old Stamps

Canada. In 1867 the Dominion of Canada was formed by Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The other provinces joined later. During 1868, Canada started using stamps now known as the “Large Queens” of which you will see four examples below. There are many shades and different thickness of paper in this issue, partly caused […]