More new issues from Australia. Firstly three stamps plus three self-adhesive and a mini sheet showing the Australian Alps.

Next in line is a set for Wildlife Recovery. There are six stamps plus five self-adhesive (the Koala stamp does not appear in self-adhesive) and a mini sheet.
Over the last two days, I have been breaking down a collection of modern Mongolia. Not something one sees often. It covered the period 1959-91 and featured many complete sets. Mostly the condition was good but I did throw away about ten stamps. None of the stamps have a high price. Some of the
designs were quite nice and you can tell that the Hungarian printing works did most of the work.
At the end of the day I put away some QE2 stamps from Bahamas, Barbados and Bermuda. Most were already in stock but a few gaps were filled, mostly with varieties.

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