A dull rainy morning, so back to the stamps! This time I have been finishing the South Africa. Recently I priced up the majority of my stock, but in the meantime my friend Graeme has been sorting the difficult definitive issues. These have now been priced up and added to stock, with the exception of the 1964-72 issues where SG now list the two watermarks. These will be entered later. 

Recently I bought a collection of South Australia and today was the day I merged them into my existing stock. There are quite a few new items in the list and overall the condition in this collection was very good. 

I came across a small collection of Rhodesia Admiral types, hiding in another volume. Again, there were several values which expanded my coverage. I was pleased to find a copy of SG 311a, until I noticed it was not only a perfin but fiscally cancelled. Oh well. It will still brighten up someone’s collection. I managed to just about finish sorting the Rhodesia before the football came on the telly!  

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