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25th January 2021

A long gap since my last entry. All week I have been working on my Netherlands stock. Firstly my back up stock was in a mess and needed putting in order. Then I had three collections to merge into my existing stock. Two of the lots began with the first set and one of them went as far as 1999. That filled up most of my gaps in the main part of that range, including some Postage Dues and Court of Justice. After a long time in the doldrums, the stamps of the Netherlands have become more popular lately. I have seen a rise in popularity with Denmark and Switzerland too.  

18th January 2021

I sent an order to my contact in Germany for more stamps of Austria. He filled in most of the gaps in my stock and supplied me with all but two items of 2015. 

17th January 2021

It was time to put in some effort on my stock of Turkey. I worked on 4 different lots covering the period 1926-59. There are some more lots for this period and a lot more after that date. I will go back to these before too long. 

12th January 2021

Another batch of new issues from New Zealand. There are 4 stamps for Christmas 2020 plus 3 self-adhesive stamps and a mini sheet. New Zealand win the prize for the first issues of 2021 to reach me. These are the Year of the Ox stamps, of which there are four plus a mini sheet.

10th January 2021

It was time to work on my Greek stock. One collection started with Hermes Heads and went through to 1979. It was well-filled with some high values as well but filled a lot of gaps as Greece has been quite popular over the last few months. A second collection overed the years 1997-2009 including the majority of the mini sheets.  

5th January 2021

I have received the remaining issues for 2020 for Sweden. If you like dogs, there was set of five but the last two issues were the best. A composite picture for Christmas with animal cartoon figures was cute then there is a set of five Winter Animals which is right up my street. The only problem with recent Swedish stamps is that they are self-adhesive and you cannot soak them off paper but they are mainly lovely designs.

I then moved on to Portuguese Colonies. I had bought a stockbook which had selections of various colonies. For me, there were some new items to my stock including for Guinea, Zambezia, Congo and Nyassa.

I put away various USA stamps from the period 1920-45. Quite useful as my stock was getting thin due to my voracious customers!

3rd January 2021

I put away stamps from a collection of KG6 Commonwealth. It was a selection of colonies as opposed to a full range but a nice lot all the same. Hardly any new items for stock but good back up and good condition. 

2nd January 2021

I have added good numbers of British commemoratives from about 1995-2015. More to come.

1st January 2021

A Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s hope things take a turn for the better. Stamp collecting can provide us with many benefits. I find I can spend hours immersed in the stamps, enabling me to forget for a while all the covid problems.

It is many days since my last contribution to this diary. Of course, Christmas came along. I have spent all week working on a fabulous lot of Venezuela, from a thinnish selection of early issues, through an almost complete stock from the 1920a to the 1990s and on to 2001. It is by far my strongest Latin American country and has often proved popular.  

24th December 2020

I have just finished work on new stock of Norway. This was a fabulous lot stretching rom SG 1 to the year 2018. There was plenty of duplication throughout and the condition was very good. Several gaps in my stock have now been filled. You will have to wait a little while for the Posthorn issues of the nineteenth century as a friend is sorting those for me!    

22nd December 2020

Having done little with the Middle East for some time, I decided it was time to work on Iraq. My existing selection was very small but it has been expanded both in terms of “normal” stamps and officials. I have more to sort when Iraq is next in line again, especially as my stock still needs more work on it!   

19th December 2020

I have spent the last four days breaking down a huge collection of Russia. It covered the period from very early issues up to 1972. My stock of Russia was already good but I have found several items to fill gaps. The previous owner of this collection had been careful with condition and had sought perf and colour differences among the stamps. There were several imperf versions of stamps, mostly listed in SG. Mini sheets were well represented throughout. I have more Russia to sort but on with other things for now! 

15th December 2020

Portuguese Colonies have been popular recently, so I worked on an album with three colonies inside. These were Portuguese India, Cape Verde and St Thomas + Prince. I found quite a few new items among this selection and pleasingly, the condition of the stamps was good, something not always true of Portuguese Colonies. Apart from thinnish early and late periods, the coverage was good.

I received the Irish Christmas issues today, consisting of 6 stamps. Quite jolly. 

13th December 2020

Nasty rainy day outside, but a productive day with stamps. Following work on Estonia and Latvia in the last few days, it was the turn of Lithuania. This collection also covered the inter-war period, but offered many more items new to stock. Whoever put these collections together did an excellent job, with a high degree of completeness and almost all good condition. It is much more difficult to obtain recent Baltic States stamps. 

I then turned my attention to a collection of KG6 British Africa. This included Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Gambia, Gold Coast, Morocco Agencies, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, Swaziland and Zanzibar. Most selections were complete with extra copies in many places. Different perfs had been sorted too. Most of these were already in stock, but gaps were filled here and there.   

12th December 2020

I had two new collections of Latvia and already had two different lots that needed merging. This has now been done, so all in one place. This is of course the inter-war period of Latvian stamps. My stock of these is practically complete with most of the better sets.

Next it was the turn of GB. I started with some QV issues among the line-engraved issues (1854-8) where I was able to add a few values. Then a complete revamping of my Postage Dues selection where I now have a number of watermark varieties as well as almost all basic values.

A small selection of British Levant has been added. Most stamps were already in stock, but there were a few items that were new to stock. 

10th December 2020

My Czech supplier sent me a good lot of early Slovakia. My Slovakian stock had become very thin so these are very welcome. I did ask for a big lot of the modern period as well but I think there was a language problem and nothing was received from the modern era. I will try again.

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8th December 2020

Recently I bought stamps from the early period of the three Baltic States. Today I included those stamps from Estonia into my stock. I already had a good solid range of these stamps, but there were a few new items for me. 

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8th December 2020

Recently I bought stamps from the early period of the three Baltic States. Today I included those stamps from Estonia into my stock. I already had a good solid range of these stamps, but there were a few new items for me. 

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5th December 2020

Next in line was a fine collection of British Asia containing:

—Burma during KG6 reign. Just about complete, although my stock was already excellent.

—Ceylon from 1927-1971 with hardly any gaps. It made a big difference to my range among the more recent issues plus odd earlier items.

—Maldives. This covered 1909-61 although I am still double-checking the earlier issues. Whenever I obtain the more modern stamps, they go quickly.

—Pakistan. An excellent collection from 1947-71 which was just about complete with perf varieties etc. The same for the Officials.

—Bahawalpur. Apart from just a few of the first set, this lot was also comprehensive for stamps and Officials. 

2nd-4th December 2020

I put in some work on another Latin American country, Bolivia. Previously I had a few early items but this new lot went from the beginning through to the 1990s. The last few years were thinly represented but there was a comprehensive stock of the middle period.