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Robstine Stamps (Exhibitors stand B19) will be attending Virtual Stampex, don't forget to save the date and join us online from 1-3rd October.
Online Registration is OPEN from 1st August! #stampex #lookfortheshield @theptsandstampex

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26th September 2020

More work on the Portuguese Colonies. One volume was sparse but had some decent odd values inside. St Thomas/Prince and Timor featured as well as bits and bobs of other places. The second book was firmly based on Mozambique. There was a good solid run-through of their issues plus plenty of Moz Company. I still have more Port Cols to work on but will revert to it in a few days after other tasks.

25th September 2020

Today I worked on a collection of Portuguese India. There were items from all periods, although it was not a comprehensive collection. The Portuguese Colonies have been selling well lately.

23rd September 2020

It was back to Latin America today. I priced up a small lot of Honduras and merged it into my existing stock. Honduras has proved popular so more stock will be useful. I have to say this was not one of my better ranges but there were quite a few new items.

21st September 2020

It was the turn of the Malay States this morning. There are watermark and printing differences in the modern era (1965 Orchids, 1971 Butterflies and 1979 Flowers) and I wanted to get them right. So they have now been checked and various gaps in stock have been filled, albeit often with just one copy.
There are three watermarks on the 1974-78 Brunei definitives. These have now been sorted.
Lastly I added some QV postal fiscals of New Zealand to my range. I am slowly building up a strong stock of these postal fiscals which is pleasing.

19th September 2020

Today I added more Gilbert + Ellice Islands with excellent KE7 + KG5 issues. This was another part of my recent British Pacific purchases. After that, I worked on British Solomon Islands and Fiji where there were s few gaps filled, although the collections were comprehensive, helping to give me more back up to the stock.

18th September 2020

I priced up the other two French Pacific Colonies. The best area by far was the Wallis + Futuna Islands.
I have not really had much of these before but the range up to about 1943 was very strong. Many of the France Libre issues were present. A small lot of Tahiti/Oceania/Polynesia was also added to stock.
In the same lot were a small number of German Mariana Islands and Samoa. These were hand-picked copies which, one day, will grace another collection!

17th September 2020

Last week, I bought two wonderful collections of stamps from the Pacific. Much of the content was Commonwealth, but there were three French Colonies too. Today I priced up a nice lot of New Caledonia with several better values. As with the rest of the collection, these were nice crisp copies and a pleasure to own them (hopefully only temporarily!)

16th September 2020

A day for sorting odds and ends. The main area was Hong Kong where I have added a good number of stamps in the QE2 definitives. At the same time I have pulled together various lots into two books, finally putting them into proper order.

14th September 2020

Over the last two days, I have worked on another part of the British Pacific. The Gilbert + Ellice Islands collection was almost complete, including some high values KG5 stamps I had not had in stock before. After a run-through of the Gilbert Islands, the Kiribati issues went up to 1985.

12th September 2020

After a nice walk and working on the accounts for August, I got on with some stamp sorting. Having just bought some excellent Commonwealth lots during the week, I started with Nauru. This collection was almost complete from SG 1 right up to the year 1985 with only one defective stamp. The GB
overprints were excellent, although I am getting someone to check the Seahorses for me to ensure they are correct. Previously my range went up to 1970, but now I have most items to 1985, although only one copy of each, so first come first served!

11th September 2020

I have just put into stock a big delivery of Czechoslovakia stamps. These start at the Hradcany Castle issues and go right up to the split between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Having previously obtained more Czech Republic and Bohemia/Moravia, my stock for this popular area is now looking very good. Sometime in the near future, I hope to obtain more Slovakia too.    

10th September 2020

It occurred to me that I had not done the usual analysis of the previous month, August.

The number of orders handled during August was still way above the pre-covid numbers, although down from the May-June peak. Orders for Commonwealth material remain strong and I have seen some customers ordering the same things. For instance, three customers bought good run-throughs of Samoa in a week which of course affected my stock levels. But why should I complain!
It was a quiet month for Australia and Canada, normally two of the top selling countries. On the other hand, August was a record-breaking month for GB, USA and especially France. New Zealand also did better than most months.
Yesterday I bought some excellent Commonwealth and France lots. I hope to have these ready soon, all depending on how much time I have!

Stamp Fairs. Some events have started across the country, although working in a different way due to covid. Sorry but you will not find me at any fairs. The organisers of the York Fair sent all the dealers a circular. They are hoping to run a fair in January on the usual dates but due to covid, it would be completely uneconomic to be there even if I wanted to. It looks like you will have to contact me by post or online.

Royal Mail have increased their overseas rates as of 1 September. I have not increased my rates for about 7 years but as I am lagging behind, it is time to increase my postal rates. This will apply from Monday 14 September. You will see the new rates on the order form.

9th September 2020

More Aussie new issues have arrived. The first is a set of 4 values for the Prince’s Highway, but no self-adhesives or mini sheet. Also present is a set of 4 values on Opalised Fossils. Here there are 4 self-adhesive stamps and a mini sheet.

7th September 2020

Just received the latest new issues from New Zealand. There is a sheetlet portraying Cakes and Bakes with 15 delicacies. They have commemorated Peter McIntyre with 4 stamps and a mini sheet. Lastly 3 more Scenic definitives with one of them also in self-adhesive.

6th September 2020

I finished off that Commonwealth collection today. It included British Guiana, British Honduras and Ceylon with new items in each with bits of Belize and Guyana. However the biggest lot was from the Caymans, filling lots of gaps in stock up to about 1980. QE2 Commonwealth continues to sell well so all these lots come in handy, especially when they are complete and in excellent condition. This collection also had various shade and watermark varieties.

Saturday 5th September 2020

More new issues from Australia. Firstly three stamps plus three self-adhesive and a mini sheet showing the Australian Alps.

Next in line is a set for Wildlife Recovery. There are six stamps plus five self-adhesive (the Koala stamp does not appear in self-adhesive) and a mini sheet.
Over the last two days, I have been breaking down a collection of modern Mongolia. Not something one sees often. It covered the period 1959-91 and featured many complete sets. Mostly the condition was good but I did throw away about ten stamps. None of the stamps have a high price. Some of the
designs were quite nice and you can tell that the Hungarian printing works did most of the work.
At the end of the day I put away some QE2 stamps from Bahamas, Barbados and Bermuda. Most were already in stock but a few gaps were filled, mostly with varieties.

3rd September 2020

Having enjoyed working on the Saar yesterday, there was no reason to put off looking at the Danzig and Memel from the same collection. Although the Danzig was very strong, there were only a few items new to stock. On the other hand, there were some newbies in Memel and the Lithuanian Occupation era. I threw away one Memel stamp, otherwise all were excellent condition. I would love to know why Memel needed so many stamps in a short period of time.    

2nd September 2020

Today it was the turn of Saar to be sorted. I bought recently a collection of Saar, Danzig + Memel and as Saar is the most popular area, I started with it. The early issues were almost all there, just missing some of the very top values. After WW2, the range was smaller but still lots of material and the collector had selected only very fine copies. My stock of Saar was strong before these but is even better now. 

1st September 2020

I added a small lot of stamps and mini sheets of the Falklands to my range. They covered the period 1998-2007 and many filled gaps in stock. 

31st August 2020

Over the weekend I broke down three volumes of a Portuguese Colonies collection. In places, this lot was decidedly sparse but among the gaps were some small gems. Many of the stamps filled gaps in my stock, because the Port Cols have been very popular lately with 4-5 collectors buying them. Then this material is not easy to find normally. On the other hand, I still have about seven volumes to work on plus a lot of modern Macao. I will get back to this after working on some other areas.