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18th October 2020

I sorted much of a stockbook that contained Portuguese Azores (including Angra, Horta and Ponta Delgada) with Madeira/Funchal. You will have to wait a short while for the earliest issues. There were lots of mid-period stamps with quite a few new items in stock.

16th October 2020

Some more Australian new issues came my way today. These included the Perth Stamp Show mini sheet, the water Tower art stamps, self-adhesive stamps and mini sheet. Additionally the latest AAT set was present . There are 4 stamps and a mini sheet for the RSV Nuyina.

15th October 2020

Tidying up today. I added some early issues in Cook Islands, Aitutaki and Penrhyn. These have been checked for watermark differences and include many better items.

I continued my revamping of my early French stock. This time, I have sorted the Napoleon III perforated issues, the Laureated set, perforated Ceres issues and the Bordeaux issues. There are new items to stock plus several high values, often in superb condition. 

13th October 2020

I finished work on more Portuguese Colonies. It was a bitty collection with items from most colonies. There were new items in most colonies but the best selection was Portuguese India. I have seven more books of Port Cols to work on, although I will put effort into other areas as well.

10th October 2020

I priced up a collection of Aitutaki today. There was a good selection of the earlies, although a friend is checking some of them for watermarks, shades etc before I add them to the list. The modern stamps and mini sheets covered the years 1972-86 and were almost complete.
In a spare moment, I googled Aitutaki and watched two videos of the atoll. It would be lovely to spend a couple of days there, although I do not think I would like to live there.

5th October 2020

I have received more new issues from Ireland. These include a stamp for Liam Cosgrave, items about Father Ted, this year’s Europa issue and more from the History of Ireland in 100 Objects.

4th October 2020

My French supplier has sent me another lot, mainly from the last five years. I have a group of good customers who collect recent France and these will fill some gaps I am sure. Still more to find but I am getting there.

I have completely renovated my stock of French imperfs. I now list various shades etc among the earliest Ceres stamps plus the imperf Napoleon III issues. Having made some recent purchases, I now have tremendous depth in some of the values.

3rd October 2020

Continuing with the British Pacific, I priced up stamps from a collection of the Cook Islands. It was quite comprehensive from very good early’s up to 1986. Previously my range went to about 1973. In the early period, there were some postal fiscals and other better items, some of which again you will see on Robstine extra. Cook Islands went mad with mini sheets after 1970 and I have many of them.

1st October 2020

I added some good Samoan items to stock. My range of earlies is looking quite good now and I have scanned some of these for Robstine extra. Samoa has been popular lately.

29th September 2020

I have got back up to date with a little more SG numbers. I added Faroes and Czech Republic. The only problem with Czech Republic is that I am missing nearly ten numbers. If anyone can let me know those missing numbers I will be grateful!
I wanted to add Greenland numbers but there is a mistake in SG’s numbering so that will have to wait.

28th September 2020

I am well behind with catalogue numbers for new issues. So today I got back up to date with SG numbers for Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, France and Germany. In the case of France, I was further behind but I am now up to date as far as SG have gone.

27th September 2020

I added some Fiji and Tonga today. In both cases, the stamps were from the very early years through to the 1930s. A good number of items that are new to stock with some that have gone to, Fiji and Tonga.

26th September 2020

More work on the Portuguese Colonies. One volume was sparse but had some decent odd values inside. St Thomas/Prince and Timor featured as well as bits and bobs of other places. The second book was firmly based on Mozambique. There was a good solid run-through of their issues plus plenty of Moz Company. I still have more Port Cols to work on but will revert to it in a few days after other tasks.

25th September 2020

Today I worked on a collection of Portuguese India. There were items from all periods, although it was not a comprehensive collection. The Portuguese Colonies have been selling well lately.

23rd September 2020

It was back to Latin America today. I priced up a small lot of Honduras and merged it into my existing stock. Honduras has proved popular so more stock will be useful. I have to say this was not one of my better ranges but there were quite a few new items.

21st September 2020

It was the turn of the Malay States this morning. There are watermark and printing differences in the modern era (1965 Orchids, 1971 Butterflies and 1979 Flowers) and I wanted to get them right. So they have now been checked and various gaps in stock have been filled, albeit often with just one copy.
There are three watermarks on the 1974-78 Brunei definitives. These have now been sorted.
Lastly I added some QV postal fiscals of New Zealand to my range. I am slowly building up a strong stock of these postal fiscals which is pleasing.

19th September 2020

Today I added more Gilbert + Ellice Islands with excellent KE7 + KG5 issues. This was another part of my recent British Pacific purchases. After that, I worked on British Solomon Islands and Fiji where there were s few gaps filled, although the collections were comprehensive, helping to give me more back up to the stock.

18th September 2020

I priced up the other two French Pacific Colonies. The best area by far was the Wallis + Futuna Islands.
I have not really had much of these before but the range up to about 1943 was very strong. Many of the France Libre issues were present. A small lot of Tahiti/Oceania/Polynesia was also added to stock.
In the same lot were a small number of German Mariana Islands and Samoa. These were hand-picked copies which, one day, will grace another collection!

17th September 2020

Last week, I bought two wonderful collections of stamps from the Pacific. Much of the content was Commonwealth, but there were three French Colonies too. Today I priced up a nice lot of New Caledonia with several better values. As with the rest of the collection, these were nice crisp copies and a pleasure to own them (hopefully only temporarily!)

16th September 2020

A day for sorting odds and ends. The main area was Hong Kong where I have added a good number of stamps in the QE2 definitives. At the same time I have pulled together various lots into two books, finally putting them into proper order.