Here we are at the start of a new decade. My business feels ready for the possible challenges. I have a solid stock of fine used stamps and supplies are not hard to find. I have worked with many of my suppliers for years and years and I know I can rely on them. 

Much of the sorting in December was completing the KG6 Commonwealth and the French Colonies. Now I can get on with other things!

With Charlotte’s help, we have uploaded lots of KG6 items to and this is paying dividends.


Austria. My German supplier found me several values that I needed to be complete. There were odd values all the way through from 1867 to the 2000s. Previously my stock went up to 2013 so I asked for 2014 complete. These duly arrived, including a porcelain stamp!  

Canada. I sent a wants list to my Canadian supplier a few weeks ago and he did not disappoint. I received various items to fill gaps in my stock and there were some more with CDS cancels to replace “good used” stamps. Most of the stamps were from the QE2 era and lots in the recent years.

Commonwealth. Work on the KG6 collection was completed this month. Colonies from N-Z in the alphabet were those represented. I already had lots of the stamps but there are always a few gaps to fill. 

Faroes. A small batch of new issues.

French Colonies. I have now finished part one of the task. I have priced up three different lots/collections but have plenty more to work on later. The Colonies done this month included Mali, Martinique, Mauritania, New Hebrides, Niger, St Pierre, Senegal, Togo and Upper Volta. There were early issues and post-independence stamps.   

(West) Germany. Most of the gaps were in the 2010s and these are now in stock, in the main. I also received stamps in the last few months of 2019.

Berlin. A small number of items to fill just a few gaps.

DDR. This is currently the most popular area of Germany so there were more items that had gone out of stock. My German supplier found copies of all of these. 

Iceland. New issues for the end of 2019. I keep hearing rumours that Iceland will no longer issue stamps in 2020. It will be interesting to see what happens if they do. We all know how few stamps, especially commemoratives, appear on the envelopes we receive. Many countries have been issuing more stamps, but in lesser quantities because they will not be used by the public.   

New Zealand. The final new issues came my way, including Christmas and the Year of the Rat.


In the end, November 2019 was my best month ever for postal sales! The early part of December was the same, although with Christmas, December does not make a complete month. There have been lots of big sales as well as a decent number of orders. 

Top performers in December were Commonwealth, Australia and France. So no change there then! Hot on their heels were Canada, DDR, Ireland, New Zealand and Monaco. 


I only attended one Fair in December: the monthly Wokingham Fair. This time it was quite good without quite hitting the heights of some of the recent months. 

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