We are back on track again with this Newsletter following the late publishing of that for January. We have changed the hosts of the site and any hand over can cause delays. I think you will be excited by the changes planned for and I cannot wait to see them myself. January was a big month for Stamp Fairs and they were all good, although a little better would have been nice. Postal sales continued at a high level with many new customers again.


Australia. The first issue for 2020 was the Occasions set with 10 stamps with normal gum and 7 self- adhesive. Not the best set Australia has ever issued. Also, I received extra items from my Aussie supplier. These were the ones he could not supply a few weeks ago with the big order I placed in November.
Faroes. A Danish supplier has sent me a fabulous lot of Faroes from the first issue in the modern era up to 2016. Almost all the gaps in my stock are now plugged including recent issues.

Hungary. I often avoid sorting the early Hungarian stamps die to their complexity. With help from a friend, we have now put into stock a good number of the Envelope and Turul types. I have much more to do with other issues when I get a chance.

Indian States. Another friend has sorted two new lots of these States for me and we were astonished at the variety found among them. The stamps of Cochin were especially numerous with several gaps in my stock plugged.

Isle of Man. I was able to expand my range with this collection which included stamps up to about 2010.

Jersey. This has been the weakest among the CI/IOM range but I added a good amount from this collection. It ran from the start to 2013 and was quite comprehensive.

Monaco. Fine used stocks of Monaco are hard to find and you can imagine my amazement when three lots came my way at once! I have sorted one of these and added it to my range. It included stamps from SG 1 to the 2000s. The other lots will have to wait for a while.
Norway. A Danish supplier sent me a number of stamps from my wants list and they were welcome. It was a shame they could not provide me with recent issues. I will have to continue the search.

Poland. The period 1944-56 is crucial to building a good collection of Poland and that is exactly what I bought recently. Many of the better values were in this lot and it has fleshed out my stock of this period. Importantly the condition of the stamps was good.

Singapore. I have been looking for a good lot of Singapore for some time and this collection answered many of my needs. It was complete for the first years and continued to 2000, although at that stage it was no longer complete. Many stamps are new to stock.

Sweden. I bought a fabulous collection housing stamps from SG 1 to the 1930s. It is the best selection of early issues I have seen and included “useful duplication” as the auctioneers say! There were also some good mint stamps plus covers and I will have to decide what to do with them.

USA. I have neglected my recent USA stamps. That was until I ordered a good batch from a supplier in America. He came up with an excellent lot of stamps and blocks. The best I have had for ages.

Postal Sales

A very good month with a high level of orders and good ones at that. I am spending more time processing orders due to the increased volume. The only downside is that I have less time for pricing up new material. But that is a small price to pay. The Commonwealth and Australia were again the top sellers but Canada and New Zealand were very strong. Other countries proving popular were Austria, France, Ireland, Portugal and Monaco.


The Winter York Fair was the main event of the month and this time I put in more effort at getting new stock for the regular customers. I have to say that the Fair was quite good but many regular faces were not present. The second day was actually nearly up to the standard of Day 1 and it was that that made it a good event. The Wokingham Fair was top drawer with lots of happy faces and although Chichester and Potters Bar were very good, they did not quite make the excellent standard set in 2019. All five days at the fairs were good, however, so I have nothing to complain about.

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