German Colonies. New stock of the Mariana and Marshall Islands.

New stock of the Mariana and Marshall Islands came along recently. This material is hard to find.

Mariana Island Stamps

Overprinted “Marianen” stamps were the first German stamps used on the 18th November 1899 in Mariana Islands. German provisionals with overprints were issued in May 1900 and then the Yacht issue followed shortly afterwards in January 1901. The Japanese occupation that then took place in October 1914 meant the German post office closed. Subsequently in Germany the Yacht stamps with lozenge watermarks were issued for collectors.

Marshall Island Stamps

October 1888 was the start of the German Postal Service in the Marshall Islands and this is visible in the design of the Vorläufer stamps recognised by the “Jaluit” cancellation mark. German stamps with “Marschall-Inseln” overprint became available in 1897 and then were replaced by 1899 with the “Marshall-Inseln” overprint. The yacht issue was initiated in January 1901. The British Occupation in 1914 meant the German post office had to close. The Yacht stamps were overprinted with “G.R.I.” and new British denominations. Later between 1916 and 1919in Germany, the  Marshall-Inseln yacht stamps, with water mark,  were sold to collectors.