My supplier in Copenhagen has sent me the latest issues from Finland. As usual, they are a colourful selection. I am especially keen on the booklet depicting birds but there are also a lot of happy faces. One booklet has young people on carousels, swings, with ice creams etc. Obviously a pre-coronavirus set of designs! 

My Canadian supplier has also been doing his stuff. There are difficulties in Canada too for getting the new issues but he has sent me what he can. Among them is a second issue for the Painters, the Group of Seven (who later became ten!) with 7 stamps and a mini sheet. With these new issues were a few KG5 and KG6 values I needed for stock. I took this opportunity to catch up with SG numbers for recent issues. 

It is a shame SG carry on lumping sets together. Canada has been issuing a series called Far and Wide with small format stamps depicting scenery across the country. Canada Post make it difficult in creating coil stamps plus stamps from booklets, of course with different perforations but SG make it even more complicated with their listings. I believe all stamps should be listed in date of issue order. Then you avoid inserting new stamps in an old set, inevitably involving some number changes.\With number changes, how do I know which stamp a customer is ordering? Enough of my hobbyhorse for now!

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