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Newsletter October 2019

I have just published the Commonwealth booklet showing a small selection of items for sale. The idea is to give new customers an idea of my range but also for anyone to find a few items to fill those big gaps. Another booklet, this time for Europe and Worldwide stamps is also now ready . I am happy with the first booklet which ties in nicely with the Wants list booklet published recently. UPDATES ON STOCK....

1st April 2021

Today I have worked on some older Commonwealth material. The largest lot was from New Zealand stamps, the 1898-1908 pictorial set with its many varieties. I already had a decent stock but there are quite a few new items in my list now. 

I added more items from 1898-1921 Rhodesia stamps. Most of the stamps from this selection were already in stock but there were a handful of new stamps.

Lastly there was a section of the Falklands stamps, from 1887-1924. This resulted in many new listings.  

31st March 2021

Over the last week, I have been working my way through a huge assemblage of QE2 GB. It had been put together lovingly by a collector who ensured he got as many varieties as possible. I do not handle Machins or Regionals, but the Wildings, commemoratives and mini sheets were just about complete from 1952 to autumn 2020. There was some useful duplication in places which gives my stock much-needed depth. There are several GB specialist dealers in the country but I am selling GB more and more these days.

27th March 2021

I had a rare find recently: a good collection of modern Lithuania. I am strong on the three Baltic States stamps, from 1919-40 but only a small quantity of more recent issues has come my way. This collection covered the period 1995-2010 and was almost complete until the very last years. The range of mini sheets was good too.

24th March 2021

It was the turn of Finland today. I had bought two separate lots recently with good duplicated ranges of Finnish mini sheets and booklet panes. The selection went from the first block up to 2009. There were a few single stamps as well. Recent Finland is hard to come by and a visit to various dealers in Helsinki and Tampere shortly before covid, did not achieve much.   

23rd March 2021

The latest effort has been on Spain from 1955-83. This was a dealer’s stockbook with good duplication in places. Only a few new stamps for stock, as I already have a solid range of these issues, but I always need good back-up. 

3rd April 2021

It has been a little time since I added any Latin America. So parts of the last two days have been spent working on a collection of Chile. The collection was by no means complete but it covered the period from early issues towards the 1980s. There were lots of items new to stock, including back of book issues.

21st March 2021: Kenya fine used

Over the last three days, I have worked on new stock of Kenya. The first collection started with early KUT issues, some of which were new to stock. The later KUT issues were complete. Stamps of early independent Kenya were also complete and continued to be comprehensive to the 1990s with some items to 2000. I had also bought two more lots of independent Kenya which gave more substance to my stock. 

18th March 2021

The first issues for 2021 are now in stock. Three single stamps: Love, Disestablishment of the Church and a stamp for Ireland. Also a miniature sheet commemorating Patrick Scott.

Another Australian new issue. Frontline Heroes is the subject with a strip of five stamps with normal gum an another with self-adhesive gum. A mini sheet too.

More French stamps from my Parisian supplier. This lot included some more recent stamps plus some sets from self-adhesive booklets. Also various precancels I needed for stock and a few recent mini sheets.

17th March 2021

The latest new issue set from Canada has arrived: Crab Apples in 4 stamps and a mini sheet. 

13th March 2021

It was the turn of my German supplier to impress. The list I gave him was for stamps of West Germany and above all, re-unified Germany. This time, all I asked for was sent, including singles, sets and mini sheets along with more new issues.   

9th March 2021

Only a few days ago, I sent a list of French items I needed for stock to my supplier in Paris. There is more to come, but I received a bumper lot of material within a week. What a turnaround. The stamps were to fill gaps in my stock and to boost numbers of more difficult items. As usual, almost all I wanted was included. 

5th March 2021

Today I received new issues for Australia: the first for 2021. There is a set of Memorable Moments with 5 values plus 5 values in self-adhesive and a mini sheet. A single stamp for Melbourne precedes some stamps for the Royal Air Force and of course a mini sheet.  

4th March 2021

My Canadian supplier sent me a good lot after receiving my latest wants list. These were odd values and some sets from the KG5 Admirals through to 2018. At the same time, he sent the latest new issues with a set of five Arctic Mammals with a mini sheet too. 

2nd March 2021

Some new stock in the QV-KG5 period for a number of Commonwealth countries. These included Palestine (especially Postage Dues), North Borneo (including the 1916 Maltese Cross overprints), Newfoundland, Papua and Transjordan. 

28th February 2021

Portuguese Colonies have been very popular lately as you can see from the number of N/As in my stock listing! This weekend I worked on a collection of Mozambique and its related areas: L Marques, Moz Co, Nyassa Co, Zambezia etc. I have yet to see a complete run-though of any Port Col but there was good variety in this collection.  

23rd February 2021

I have merged into stock a collection of Spain. The years covered were 1950-2007 and many gaps in my stock have been filled. The postmarks were quite nice as Spanish stamps can be heavily marked. Unfortunately, SG have decided to re-number at least 80 stamps in the late 2000s. I really do not like this because when I receive an order from a customer, how do I know if they want the old or new number? Then I have to spend literally hours making the changes and re-setting my stock. So I will see how many people use the new numbers and then I might re-number those stamps.

18th February 2021

My Canadian supplier has sent me the first new issues for 2021. There are twelve stamps depicting the various new year symbols plus a “mini” sheet. Then there are two stamps for Black History Month. Thank goodness they are not issuing new definitives this year as there is no change in the postal rate. SG always make such issues much more complicated than they need to!  

17th February 2021

I have re-worked my stock of the Chain-breakers of Yugoslavia stamps. They are now listed with different perfs, papers and shades. Some people love sifting through issues like these. We found several stamps not listed in SG.

Continuing my work on GB stamps, two more areas have been re-sorted. My range of Downey Heads has been re-assessed with some new items in stock. Then it was the turn of the Seahorses to be re-identified. Both these areas have been updated in my GB fine used list.

16th February 2021

It has been a long time since I added anything to the Diary. I have not been completely idle! Firstly the orders have come in, thick and fast. Always good news. Then I embarked upon a sorting job with my Uruguay stock. I did not realise it would take so long, but at least it has now been completed.

So far my Uruguay goes up to 1972 although I know I have more stock to add when the time is right. This range is not as good as the Peru and Venezuela that I worked on recently, but it is a good base point. The coverage is quite good among definitives and commemoratives and there is considerable depth to the stock in places. 

Not many Latin American countries remain to be sorted, at least first time around. Once that is done I have 5 boxes of collections etc to merge into the main stock.