3rd September 2020

Having enjoyed working on the Saar yesterday, there was no reason to put off looking at the Danzig and Memel from the same collection. Although the Danzig was very strong, there were only a few items new to stock. On the other hand, there were some newbies in Memel and the Lithuanian Occupation era. I […]

2nd September 2020

Today it was the turn of Saar to be sorted. I bought recently a collection of Saar, Danzig + Memel and as Saar is the most popular area, I started with it. The early issues were almost all there, just missing some of the very top values. After WW2, the range was smaller but still […]

1st September 2020

I added a small lot of stamps and mini sheets of the Falklands to my range. They covered the period 1998-2007 and many filled gaps in stock. 

31st August 2020

Over the weekend I broke down three volumes of a Portuguese Colonies collection. In places, this lot was decidedly sparse but among the gaps were some small gems. Many of the stamps filled gaps in my stock, because the Port Cols have been very popular lately with 4-5 collectors buying them. Then this material is […]

29th August 2020

Over the last two days I have been sorting a nice lot of QE2 Caribbean stamps. It included several new items to stock from Turks and Caicos plus the British Virgin Islands. Smaller numbers of new items were to be found in St Kitts, St Lucia, St Vincent and Trin+ Tob. The condition of the […]

25th August 2020

Continuing the recent emphasis on Asia, I put in some hours on a collection of Malaya. All the different states were represented with a high level of completeness from KG6 period onwards (and some from before). Currently I am having the more recent issue checked for watermarks etc and they will be integrated shortly. 

23rd August 2020

A small lot of Nepal came my way and has been merged into my existing stock.  The latest batch of Faroes new issues is now available, including the Heart-shaped Lake (for Valentine’s Day), Volleyball and a Seal pup.  

22nd August 2020

I have added a good number of Brunei to stock. This was part of a British Asia collection and was nearly complete as far as it went (2004). The collection began with the third issue and had most of the Brunei River design. From then on, it covered almost every stamp and mini sheet.