It is the turn of Commonwealth to be looked at. For a long time I have had this album of QE2 issues from Africa. Finally I have started work on it.

—Sierra Leone. A nearly comprehensive lot from independence in 1961 to 1972. That was the period of the over-the-top self-adhesive issues and plentiful surcharges. Lovely condition for these stamps, whatever you think of them.
—the Rhodesias. A nice selection of issues from all parts of Rhodesia during the 1960s when Ian Smith was in the news on a regular basis as he sought to take the country into independence. You will find more sets shown in
—Swaziland. Quite a few stamps I did not have in stock here from the 1961 surcharges with different figures through to 1975.
—Zambia. This range was just about complete from the first issue to 1975. All the last issues were new to me. Obtaining recent fine used Commonwealth is not easy so the nearer I can get to the present day,
the better!

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