Thursday 30 July 2020

My French supplier has sent me a lovely lot of stamps and mini sheets, fulfilling my recent order. He has plugged almost all the gaps that had appeared in my stock from 1920 to the 2010s. In the most recent years, he has sent me seven more complete booklet sets and half a dozen more mini sheets. I am gradually getting to the stage when I will be complete up to 2018 (apart from the odd little omission) and, as you know, that involves a lot of stamps! The French have not been slow at issuing stamps in the last few years.

France has become my most poplar European country with two main areas being bought: the 1940s and the 2010s. Luckily I have a wonderful contact in Paris who not only manages to find the majority of what I want but is very quick about it.

Saturday 1 August 2020

I have started work on some early QE2 Commonwealth. I already have a good stock of these, so only a few gaps are being filled. However these stamps sell quickly so more back-up is a good thing. Today I worked on Dominica, Gambia, Gold Coast + Ghana. More to come.

Some of the Canadian definitives can be difficult to identify. With some help, I now have three issues all sorted for chalky papers, perfs etc. These are SG 579-610 (the Centennial issue), 702-6 and 1154-69.

Looking at July, the figures were down on May and June, but that is not surprising how good those months were. Lockdown is relaxed and some people are off on holidays. Are some customers suffering from stamp fatigue or are they out gardening? Anyway, pre-lockdown I would have been delighted with July’s performance so nothing to complain about.

Commonwealth continues to sell extremely well, along with Australia, Canada and France. Not far behind have been Czechoslovakia, USA and Latin America. Apart from that, sales have been across the board with most countries featuring at least briefly. It can be hard keeping a broad stock like mine, but it pays dividends when customers have so much to choose from!

Stamp Fairs. I hear there is some movement with fairs. Some are starting up again soon. Sorry but I will not be there for the foreseeable future. With distancing still important I cannot see how fairs will enable me to keep apart from customers. Besides how many customers will want to come along as things are at present? I don’t think I will be present at any fairs in 2020. Quite a few of my fairs customers are buying from my online or through the post anyway.    

Sunday 2 August 2020

Having recently bought a “British Asia” collection, I put some effort in on the Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States. My stock was already good for these, so there were only a few new items to add to my list. However extra copies are always useful in the long run!

Tuesday 4 August 2020

I picked up on the QE2 Commonwealth collection and made more progress. These ranges covered the period 1953-about 1963. Most items were included and the condition was spot on. The colonies dealt with today were: Grenada, Jamaica, KUT, Leewards, Mauritius, Montserrat, Malta, India, Nigeria, North Borneo + Nyasaland.

Wednesday 5 August 2020

I finished work on this QE2 lot. Today’s haul include Penang, Rhodesia + Nyasaland, Sarawak, Sierra leone, Singapore, Southern Rhodesia and South West Africa (especially Postage Dues). The best lot, however, was the Seychelles with comprehensive continuation until 1980, including mini sheets.

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