A day for catching up on various loose ends. It would have been nice to have gone out for a walk but with showery weather, you never know what is around the corner. Hence a day for the stamps.

Some Scandinavian new issues received:

—Denmark. Europa and End of WW1, in both cases with mini sheets. None of these issues were printed as self-adhesive. I am glad about that and these new stamps are so much nicer than those of the last few years. Let’s hope they continue this way.  

—Faroes, including Queen Margrethe, Europa, SEPAC and British Field Post Offices.

—Finland. A set of Famous people

I finished pricing up the Washington-Franklin issues of USA (1908-21) and the Express issues for the same period. I have “renovated” my USA stock from the beginning up to this era, merging together various different lots. I have a huge back-up for many of these stamps.  

A little bit more work on my Japan stock. I have now sorted the Chrysanthemum issues of 1899-1908, following work on the earlier issues in the last few weeks. Various perf varieties now sorted.  

Recently, I priced up more Indian material. Now I have finished the task with definitives through the years plus officials. There are reasonable numbers of new items to stock, especially in the modern definitives and modern Officials.  

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