Over the weekend I put some effort into expanding my range of Bulgaria. I have twelve books waiting to be sorted so I do not expect to finish the job soon. Previously I had a reasonable range up to 1936. Now my stock goes as far as early 1950, although the strength still lies in the early period. This was due to two exceptional purchases where there was extensive duplication and the quality was superb. These lots had been put together by collectors who took great care and had good eyes.

I will come back to Bulgaria before long but I received a lot of new stock in today’s post. A big wodge of recent France, with lots of mini sheets, came from my Parisian contact following the wants list I gave him. I made a small start on sorting these. Then there are small collections of South Australia, Belgian Congo, Ruanda-Urundi plus bigger lots of Belgium and Norway. That will keep me off the streets!     

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