The latest Australian new issues to arrive consist of two sets. The Civil Aviation issue has two values plus a self-adhesive stamp and a mini sheet. Then there are two self-adhesive stamps for When We Connect.  

A duplicated lot of Finland came my way, covering the period 1901 to the 1920a. They have now been checked for watermarks, perfs etc and I have a few new items in my list. Notable were two perf 11 x 12.5 stamps from the 1881 arms type. 

I have just noticed that SG have made it a lot more complicated. Previously there were three sets of their type 19: no watermark, Swastika watermark and posthorn watermark. Now they list backwards, forwards, upright, upside down etc etc. I have no immediate plans to list my stamps like this, but if you collect them this new way, let me know and if there is sufficient interest, I may relent! 

It was time to sort out some Ceylon, from 1868-1935. Not many new items but good back-up stock. There was one particularly interesting item (SG 233i with space between T and A). 

Lastly I sorted quantities of Large and Small Queens of Canada. There are quite a few new items in my list now. There were a lot of excellent copies among these.