It occurred to me that I had not done the usual analysis of the previous month, August.

The number of orders handled during August was still way above the pre-covid numbers, although down from the May-June peak. Orders for Commonwealth material remain strong and I have seen some customers ordering the same things. For instance, three customers bought good run-throughs of Samoa in a week which of course affected my stock levels. But why should I complain!
It was a quiet month for Australia and Canada, normally two of the top selling countries. On the other hand, August was a record-breaking month for GB, USA and especially France. New Zealand also did better than most months.
Yesterday I bought some excellent Commonwealth and France lots. I hope to have these ready soon, all depending on how much time I have!

Stamp Fairs. Some events have started across the country, although working in a different way due to covid. Sorry but you will not find me at any fairs. The organisers of the York Fair sent all the dealers a circular. They are hoping to run a fair in January on the usual dates but due to covid, it would be completely uneconomic to be there even if I wanted to. It looks like you will have to contact me by post or online.

Royal Mail have increased their overseas rates as of 1 September. I have not increased my rates for about 7 years but as I am lagging behind, it is time to increase my postal rates. This will apply from Monday 14 September. You will see the new rates on the order form.

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